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The Louette water reservoir

To guarantee navigation on the Seine-Nord Europe Canal at all times of the year, a reserve of 14 million m3 will be built in the Louette valley, in Allaines. The Louette water reserve will thus be able to meet the water needs of the Canal, fully supplied by the Oise in normal times, during periods of low water - that is to say when the water level drops - where withdrawals from the river will be reduced, or even interrupted, to maintain its hydro-biological quality. This work, with a surface area of ​​approximately 65 hectares, was designed taking into account the most recent projections concerning climate change.

A work ofintegration of the reserve into the landscape was carried out with the planting of trees which, in time, will conceal the dyke from the village of Allaines.

Diagram representing the Louette water reserve

Built according to the same regulations as those of large dams, the design of the Louette water reservoir, whose dam will culminate at 42 meters high, integrates all security requirements. It will comply with the strict regulations in force with regard to the design, construction, monitoring and maintenance of water reservoirs and hydraulic structures. The construction permit is subject to the opinion of the committee bringing together the greatest experts in the field at the national level (the Permanent Technical Committee for Dams and Hydraulic Structures – CTPBOH). An auscultation device will make it possible to know the structural state of the work and its evolution - on the lookout for the appearance of the slightest anomaly.

14 million

This is the number of m3 of water contained in the Louette reserve

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