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Inland ports

4 inland ports will line the route of the Seine-Nord Europe Canal. Located in the areas of Noyon, Nesle, Péronne and Marquion-Cambrai. They will be the gateway for the local economic fabric to the Seine-Escaut network, a real European multimodal hub, connected to the seaports as well as to the river terminals of the Seine and Northern Europe.

These ports will thus become a essential tool of the ecological transition by allowing the transfer of a large part of the transport of goods from the road to the river. Each site will be at least bi-modal, or even tri-modal for the ports of Nesle and Marquion-Cambrai, which should also benefit from a rail connection.

Concretely, this will concern sectors such as cereals and other agro-food and agro-industrial products, construction materials or even metallurgical and chemical products. Thanks to the port services and the possibilities of setting up industrial and logistics companies on the edge of the canal, the local economic fabric will become denser.

Diagram of an interior port

6 transhipment docks industrial or grain carriers, to load and unload barges, will be fitted out in Thourotte, Ribécourt-Dreslincourt and Pimprez (Oise), Languevoisin-Quiquery, Moislains (Somme) and Graincourt-lès-Havrincourt (Pas-de-Calais). Overall, this represents 3 meters of quays et more than 330 hectares of port terminals and business parks.

Full component of the economic ecosystem of the Compiegnois Noyonnais, Santerre Upper Somme and Artois Cambresis, the project management of these inland ports is provided by the Hauts-de-France Region, which works with the local authorities, the communities of municipalities and agglomerations concerned.

4 interior ports

located in Noyon (60), Nesle (80), Péronne (80) and Marquion-Cambrai (62-59).

Hauts-de-France region

Owner of inland ports