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Compiégnois-Noyonnais territory



The environment of the Compiégnoise part of the Canal is both urbanized with the crossing of 14 municipalities, agricultural and wooded, with the forests of Laigue and Ourscamp, close to the Canal. Water occupies a central place in this predominantly river sector with the Oise and the canal lateral to the Oise running right through it.


The Pays Noyonnais is polarized around the town of Noyon. In this part, the Canal crosses 11 communes of an agricultural nature, including 2 communes belonging to the Pays des Sources. By its relief and its landscapes, the Noyonnais is very popular with walkers. It is also a land of historical heritage, object of all attention during the design of the Canal as well as human, agricultural and environmental issues.


33,6 km

traveled between Compiègne and Libermont

25 Commons

crossed by the Canal


Between Compiègne and Libermont, the Canal is made up of 4 reaches – or portions of the canal – connected by 3 locks:

  • Reach 1 (known as Venette) : 8,5 km from the confluence of the Oise and Aisne rivers to the Montmacq lock consisting of a large-gauge river development to Le Plessis-Brion then a new canal,
  • Reach 2 (known as Montmacq) : 12,5 km from the lock of Montmacq to the lock of Noyon made up of a new route up to the industrial area of ​​Ribécourt, a widening-deepening of the side canal to the Oise up to Passel, finally a new canal to Noyon,
  • Reach 3 : 8 km from the lock of Noyon to the lock of Catigny consisting of the construction of a new Canal,
  • Reach 4 : 39,5 km from the Catigny lock to the Jonction lock in the Somme (in sector 3), consisting of the construction of a new Canal, of which approximately 5 km in the Oise.

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