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Territory of Artois Cambresis


Crossing the great artesian plateaus, the Seine-Nord Europe Canal will leave its mark on the landscape. By its location and dimensions, it will stand out as one of its landmarks. It will then be a landscape and identity component of the territory.

At the heart of this agricultural territory, the Seine-Nord Europe Canal will border the future inland port of Marquion-Cambrai and the transhipment quay of Graincourt-lès-Havrincourt, strengthening the logistics vocation of the sector and its economic attractiveness, generating sustainable jobs, particularly for agro-industry. 

We cannot mention the Canal Seine-Nord Europe without mentioning the Canal du Nord. Opened to navigation in 1965 with a size limited by a late XNUMXth century designrd century, it is to this day the main river link between the Seine basin and northern France. It will be useful to the project, in particular to supply the site, before being partially filled with surplus materials from the CSNE earthworks.

28 km

traveled by the Canal on the territory

2 locks

and 1 Canal Bridge

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28 km long in the crossing of Artois and Cambrésis, the Canal Seine-Nord Europe will partially overlap the route of the current Canal du Nord, between Ruyaulcourt and Havrincourt.

On the rest of its route, the Seine-Nord Europe Canal will follow a new route.

In Aubencheul-au-Bac, the Seine-Nord Europe Canal will connect to the wide-gauge river network, at the level of the Sensée canal, thus allowing boats and river convoys to continue their journey towards Dunkirk, the Lille metropolitan area, Valenciennes and Belgium.

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