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What is the Seine-Nord Europe Canal? What are its objectives and its ambition at the heart of the Region, France and Europe? 

The Canal at home

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When preparing land development projects, the client first seeks to avoid and reduce impacts on land, housing and human activities.  

However, it is common to have to build on land already occupied / used: agricultural land, natural environments, and sometimes houses, gardens, or economic activities... Prior to the work, there is a phase of discussions with the owners of these lands, in order to acquire them amicably. If no agreement proves possible, the declaration of public utility of the project makes it possible in the last resort to initiate an expropriation procedure. In this case, it is the expropriation judge who sets the compensation paid.

What is the process?

The studies make it possible to gradually determine the exact land area necessary for the realization of the project. As soon as these land areas are fixed, the properties (houses, gardens, agricultural land, business land, etc.) located on the project route are determined, which makes it possible to identify their owners.

These owners are then informed personally. During individual meetings, a financial proposal is made to them on the basis of an initial assessment of the market value of the property by the State Real Estate Department. Conducted in a spirit of dialogue, the meetings can bring additional information on the specificities of the property, likely to refine the financial proposal.

This phase can give rise to disagreements. However, the SCSNE takes care to study each situation as long as possible and transparently to reach an amicable agreement and avoid legal proceedings.

At the same time, the Société du Canal Seine-Nord Europe is asking the competent prefect to organize a parcel survey. The parcel survey is a key step, which aims to identify and inform all the owners concerned while guaranteeing that their interests are properly taken into account. Find the information concerning the parcel surveys of each municipality on the pages of the territories Compiegnois-NoyonnaisSanterre Upper Somme et Artois-Cambresis.

The different steps