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Land acquisitions

Land acquisitions of individual properties

It is never easy to find yourself in the situation of having to sell your property (house, land, etc.) as part of an infrastructure project, even if it is in the general interest. The Société du Canal Seine-Nord Europe (SCSNE) is well aware of the emotional burden experienced by the owners who are offered compensation for the acquisition of their property. This is why 2 fundamental principles are respected by the SCSNE to best support this phase of the project:

  • Anticipation : the SCSNE anticipates as best as possible, to give everyone time to reflect, to plan, to find a property suited to their needs and aspirations, in order to reach an amicable solution;
  • The dialog: the SCSNE takes care to maintain an ongoing dialogue, to support the owners throughout this phase.

Focus on parcel surveys, a key step for owners

What is a plot survey? What is it for ?


Before undertaking the civil engineering works, the Société du Canal Seine-Nord Europe (SCSNE) must take ownership of the plots or property located within the perimeter of the future Canal, and defined within the framework of the pre-project and project studies.

The plot survey is a key step, which aims to identify and notify all affected owners while ensuring that their interests are properly taken into account.

This regulatory procedure makes it possible to provide a form of guarantee as to the acquisition of the land necessary for the realization of the project within the deadlines respecting the schedule set by the public authorities. However, the Société du Canal Seine-Nord Europe continues at the same time to privilege and seek amicable agreements, both with the owners already contacted before the holding of the plot survey and with those who would like to enter into contact now and seek such an agreement rather than waiting for a court decision on the fixing of the amount of the compensation linked to the acquisition of the property.

Concretely, how does it take place?


In practice, the survey file is made up of plans of the plots concerned and the list of owners, referred to as the “plot report”. Owners receive an individual notification informing them of the timetable for opening the investigationfiling of the investigation file at the town hall and hours of duty of the investigating commissioner.

This investigating commissioner, who is completely independent, is appointed by the administrative tribunal concerned. It has for mission to collect the observations of the owners concerned thanks to a register made available to them at the town hall. Owners can also contact him in writing.

At the end of the investigation, the investigating commissioner decides on the necessary or non-necessary nature of the acquisition of the plots by the Société du Canal Seine-Nord Europe.

After having received the opinion of the investigating commissioner and the observations of the Société du Canal Seine-Nord Europe, the prefect may pronounce the transferability of property or plots which have not previously been acquired amicably and request from the judge a ownership transfer order to Société du Canal Seine-Nord Europe.