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What is the Seine-Nord Europe Canal? What are its objectives and its ambition at the heart of the Region, France and Europe? 

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Infrastructure securitytures and people remains the absolute priority of the Société du Canal Seine-Nord Europe. As such, on the Seine-Nord Europe Canal site, safety is everyone's business at all times.

The prevention policy was adopted by the Supervisory Board on June 24, 2022. It oversees the deployment of an organized, monitored and planned prevention approach before, during and after the completion of works contracts around 10 operational objectives.

Within the meaning of the Société du Canal Seine-Nord Europe, the notion of prevention describes all the actions, attitudes and behaviors that tend to avoid the occurrence of illnesses or injuries or to maintain and improve the health and safety of personal.

It has the imperative objective of preventing all the safety risks that the construction of the Seine-Nord Europe Canal engenders.

Infrastructure security

This commitment is reflected in thespecial attention paid to the design of the works which will punctuate the Canal, locks, bridges, water reservoirs, etc. The technical criteria of the Société du Canal Seine-Nord Europe (SCSNE) meet and exceed the regulations applicable to this type of structure. The project also benefits from the expertise of specialists brought together within the Scientific and Technical Committee. The Seine-Nord Europe Canal is designed to be able to cope with a decamillennial flood, that is to say that there is a risk of it occurring each year in 10.

Beyond design, during operation, the SCSNE is also committed to the reliability of the infrastructures, the ergonomics and simplicity of the maintenance of the works and the integration in particular of real-time monitoring devices.

Peoples' security

The construction site is the subject of consistent attention, with demanding risk prevention policy at all levels. The SCSNE, companies and prefectures work hand in hand on these daily issues.

This vigilance integrated from the design stage will make it possible, after construction, toensure the safety of people during navigation or along the Canal. Around the locks, for example, the skippers and the teams in charge of operating the Seine-Nord Europe Canal will have a great deal of equipment at their disposal to guarantee everyone's safety. And at many points along the route, access roads will be set up to allow the intervention of the emergency services.