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What is the Seine-Nord Europe Canal? What are its objectives and its ambition at the heart of the Region, France and Europe? 

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Peoples' security

The protection of property and people is deeply rooted in the approach of the Société du Canal Seine-Nord Europe. The design of the project, the construction site and the operation of the waterway come together around this central principle.

A very controlled site

During the work period, eight years during which it takes ensure the safety of teams, residents and residents, the SCSNE is committed, with Safety and Health Protection Coordinators (CSPS) in each of the sectors of the route. The project is also part of the co-construction of prevention relying on the expertise and control of the Directorate General for Civil Security and Crisis Management DGSCGC, the Regional Directorate for the Economy, Employment, Labor and Solidarity DREETS, La Caisse pension insurance and health at work CARSAT, the regional association for the improvement of working conditions ARACT, the National Federation of Public Works FNTP, as well as the Professional Organization for the Prevention of Building and Public Works OPPBTP.

Clauses are included in contracts signed with companies and their subcontractors: noise limitation, traffic regulation, wearing personal protective equipment et cleaning of technical areas are all fundamentals to be respected. Recurring audits, visits and checks support this entire process.

residents are the primary partners in security. Regularly informed of upcoming work, they can report any difficulty to the works or territory managers (in the section "Contacts" of the site). Specific signage is also provided on the various sites of the worksite and along the bypass routes to remind everyone of good practices to ensure their own safety and that of others.

Safe operation

In general, the river transport of goods is economical, sober in energy and safe. There are extremely few accidents on the river network.

When the canal is commissioned, European regulations on inland navigation and the transport of dangerous goods (ADNR) will apply. The crews, the people in charge of the maintenance of the structures and the visitors to the locks will have the necessary safety equipment. A specific prevention plan is integrated into the ORSEC (Civil Security Response Organization) plan.

Measures that will ensure the security and reliability of the Channel!


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Prevention Master Plan