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Infrastructure security

Safety is the first priority of the Société du Canal Seine-Nord Europe and its partners. At all phases of the project, very demanding measures are implemented to anticipate risks and thus ensure the safety of everyone, users and residents.

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The stability of the Canal embankments and its various structures as well as the preservation of their erosion over time are strong and structuring issues in the design work carried out by the Société du Canal Seine-Nord Europe.

Various measures are being implemented to respond to this, including:

  • very efficient sealing of the Canal basin, equivalent to a 40 cm layer of clay;
  • permeability of the embankments, composed of compacted materials such as treated silt;
  • good flow of watercourses crossing the Canal thanks to aqueducts and siphons, sized to manage very significant floods.

These measures make it possible to reduce water infiltration, avoid external erosion of the embankments and, thus, preserve the Canal from any degradation.


The construction site of the Canal and its structures mobilizes numerous experts ensuring the proper application of the safety measures developed during the design phase.

Continuous checks are carried out by the companies in charge of construction and by an organization approved by the State within the Project Management which manages the site on a daily basis. The latter assumes responsibility and can, if he deems it useful, stop the site to carry out the necessary checks.

Personalized performance checks of the materials used are also carried out at different stages of construction of each structure. Their delivery is thus carried out in strict compliance with the quality and safety requirements defined by the regulations and by the project owner, the Société du Canal Seine-Nord Europe.


Once the Canal is operational, safety will remain the number one priority for Voies navigables de France, the public establishment in charge of its management. It will ensure the integrity and sustainability of the works over the very long term, and will thus guarantee the safety of users and people living near the Canal.

24-hour surveillance will be carried out via a precise control system installed throughout the structure. Of the piezometric, topographical and optical fiber measurements positioned in the embankments will make it possible to verify the correct behavior of the structure. Thanks to this device, the slightest anomaly (leak or stability defect) will be detected and managed immediately.

In addition, no sudden rupture of a structure like the Seine-Nord Europe Canal has been recorded because this type of anomaly can only occur very gradually and permanent monitoring makes it possible to identify them as soon as they appear.

Personalized works controls will also be carried out by State services every 6 months to 5 years, depending on the size and type of work.

The safety of the work in video

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Added April 24, 2024 - Updated April 24, 2024

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