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What is the Seine-Nord Europe Canal? What are its objectives and its ambition at the heart of the Region, France and Europe? 

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The Seine-Nord Europe Canal is a wide-gauge Canal that will link Compiègne in the Oise to Aubencheul-au-Bac in the North. A central link in the Seine-Escaut river link, it will cross Hauts-de-France and allow large barges to travel efficiently between France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The Canal at home

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Since its start, the Seine-Nord Europe Canal project has been built with the inhabitants, economic players and communities of the Compiegnois Noyonnais, Santerre Upper Somme and Artois Cambresis. Until commissioning, the teams of the Société du Canal Seine-Nord Europe inform you about:

  • the consistency of amenities near you;
  • the benefits of the project and its opportunities;
  • the work program;
  • the location of worksites and the measures put in place to facilitate your daily life in the various sectors of intervention.


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The project schedule

Project schedule

The channel in a few figures

107 km of canal

from Compiegne to Aubencheul-au-Bac

64 Commons

Hauts-de-France crossed

62 crossings

road and rail

3 canal bridges

including a 1330m structure crossing the Somme

7 locks

including a junction lock with the Canal du Nord

more than 1200 hectares

planting and environmental improvements

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